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Modifying the Taurus SHO

Why modify?

"Speed costs money. How fast can you afford to go?" 
Most SHO owners will be perfectly satisfied with the level of performance they get "out of the box". Like other cars, though, the SHO isn't so good that it can't be made better. Maybe you would like better wheels; or perhaps you want that little extra bit of firepower to surprise unsuspecting Camarobirds; or you might like to try a sportier suspension. While there aren't as many parts available for the Generation 3 SHO as for, say, the Gen 1 & 2's, a variety of options exist to let you tailor your car to your exact tastes. This section will try to help you get started. Be advised that lots of stuff listed here "in California may legally be used only on a racing vehicle which will never be operated on public roads." 

Once you've modified your SHO, the best way to test the performance difference is Dyno Testing.  See the results and cost of modifications here.  If you think we haven't thought of a modification...look at our speed dreams!

Be fore warned that it will take some significant engineering and quite possibly significant amounts of money to make more power.  Take a look at an article prepared by Tim Wright about the usual Hot Rod tricks and see how much they may cost. 

Don Mallinson (stock 96) and Tim Wright (lot's of mods) recently took their cars to an Autocross. Don has a lot more experience in autocrosses and when he drove Tim's car there was a lot to learn. See the full report at V8 SHO Autocross Comparison. Thanks Don for the valuable contribution. 

Economics and Strategy of Car Modifications new 11/24/02


Exhaust System Design and Modification 
Borla Exhaust Impression  
Bypass Flex Pipe Installation  
Muffler Reviews new 7/30/01
True Duel Exhaust new 3/1/03
Exhaust Mods 
Side Exhaust - by Eric Lehmann
Electric Exhaust Cut Out
Bullet Muff Long Term Test
Jason's Ractive Exhaust Tips


The intake design and improvement 
The MAF Transfer Function Theory  
Removing "saxacone's" mouse-trap 
Ron Porter's "Porterized" Intake Modification
Open Cone Filter Variant 
Intake Modification - Mike Troxel's Version
Big Bore Butterflys Dyno Results
Paul Nimz' Clean Intake  new 10/19/04
Cone Filter in the Engine Compartment - A Discussion - Sort Of
Super Sano Air Box Mod
Group Buy on Phenolic Spacers
Longer Runners


Aftermarket EPROM's (Chips) 
Under-Drive Pulley  updated 5/1/01
EEC-V Control Systems  
Cosworth Casting Process  
Indigo Engine  
Hot Rod Tricks - Major update thanks to James W. Gibat-Thoroski
Battery Relocation
PCM Calibration  
PCM Info  
Blower Update 
No Fear of Flying  A SHO record breaking attempt - Updated 5/31/01
Cooling Fan Override Switch  
Speed Dreams 
Hot Rod Tricks & Dead Ends 
Level Ten Chip & ATX Mods  
Camshaft Sprocket Failure  
Lub Lessons from OK  
600 HP V8 SHO?  
Gen 3 Blower Pics  
5.0L V8 SHO  
Crude V8SHO Head Cross Section
Paul Nimz & VAK new 2/25/03
Ford Has a Better Idea new 4/1/03
Pre-Production V8 Intake new 5/15/03
Eric's Blown V8SHO new 5/19/03
Boost PSI & the Humiliation Factor new 7/02/03
Location of Cold Air Intake  new 7/30/03
PCV Catch Can & Intake Cleaning Interval new 1/3/04
Big Bore Butterflys Dyno Results
Fastest Stock Block - All Motor ET's
PCV Catch Can & Intake Cleaning Interval
Carter's Critters
Chips - What to Really Expect?
What Are The Pluses of Bigger Fuel Injectors?
Dan Carman's 97 SHO Cold Air Intake
Ceramic Coated Intake  new 8/19/04
So What Will a Supercharged SHO Produce??
Notes on NOS Mod
Intercooler - Voice of Experience
Tuners For All GIII
UDP Longevity Issues
More Notes on NOS Mod
Loukas Has Questions About V8SHO Engine Mods
PCM Performance DifferencesFord's Platinum Spark Plugs are not so Good
Instantaneous MPG Meter  - 7/10/06
Second Time Piston 5 Toasted

What Exactly Does Tune Mean

Installing Phenolic Spacers
SCT And Other Modifications
Eaton M90 On SHO Motor
Stroker SHO - A Discussion
Where Can I Get A Very High CCA Battery
ECU Capacity For Larger Injectors
 Not Worried About The Fab Work
Swapping 97 Driveline Into A 98


Limited Slip Differential  new 6/8/01
Trans-Go Shift Kit  updated 5/20/01
Synthetic Fluids 
Tech #423B  
B&M ATF Cooler  
Transaxle Cooler Lines new 5/19/01
Level Ten Chip & ATX Mods new 6/20/01
Clare's Trans Cooler
Radiator Trans Cooler By Pass
Tranny Temp Sender
ET's & ATF Levels  1/07/05
5 Speed MTX GIII?
Trans Go Shift Kit
Transmission Temperature Gauge


Active Suspension Theory  
Semi-Active Ride Control Switch 
Rear Sway Bar
Sway Bar Bushings  
Swaybar End-Links  
Cheap Stiffer Spring Upgrade new 5/24/01
Front Strut Tower Brace new 6/8/01
Pages of How-to's link to Al Primm's rear sway bar upgrade change page - new 6/19/01
Aluminum Subframe Connectors and Rear Subframe Connectors
SHO Sway Bars & Suspension new 11/11/03
GM Rear Control Arms for the SHO new 5/25/04
GM Arms With Brace  new 6/05/04
SHO Sway bars
FSTB - Installation Trick
Struts - A Discussion
Alignment vs. Dyno Numbers (theory)
Lowering Instructions
Suspension Alternatives
Eibach Gen 3 Spring Rates Estimated
Jason's Lowered SHO  5/13/05
Aluminum Sub-Frame Bushing Recommendations
Summer Tires


General Brake System Information 
Rotor and Pad Choices  
Carbotech Brake Pads  
KVR Brake Pads & Rotors
Bendix Titanium Metallic Brake Pads  
Midas Pro Series  
Raybestos Brute Force new 5/8/01
Brakes at Halette new 7/30/01
Carbotech Bobcat Pads for BlackHawk updated 6/20/03
Cobra Brakes for SHOs new 5/27/03
Brake Bias Plug Install
Redstuff & Greenstuff Brake Pads  new 8/25/04
Frozen Rotors new 7/12/05
Cobra calipers on the GenIII
Console E-Brake
new 03/12/2006
Brake Light Mod


Relays 101
Fog and Driving Lights 
Rear Spoiler 
Extra SHO emblems  
Police Interceptor Badge  updated 5/1/1
All Aluminum SHO - 700 kg lighter!  
Trailer Hitch new 5/8/01
Pages of How-to's link to Al Primm's driving light install page - new 6/19/01
Side View Signal Mirrors  new 9/17/02
Black Antennae for SHO new 4/30/03
Eric's Grill Mod
Headlight Wiring Harness
Mikes Light Mods
New Peepers
Window Tinting Laws by State
Removing the Front Bumper
Painting windshield Wiper Arms
Mesh Grill Treatment
Battery Relocation & Battery Relocation 2
HID Headlamps
Gen III Body Kits
F150 Fog Light Switch with Auto Lamps Into a 96-99 SHO
Gen III SHO Bi-Xenon HID Projector Install
Puddle lights installation


Gage Install  
Changing the Keyless Entry Code 
Center Console Removal
Increasing Drivers Legroom new 5/19/01
Scanner Mount new 5/19/01
Cell Phone Mount  new 6/18/01
Scanner Mount  new 6/18/01
Hard Wiring an Electronic Device in the SHO new 4/24/02
Reverse Indiglo Gauge Install new 10/17/02
Replacement CD Changer new 1/9/03
Speaker Upgrade new 5/15/03
Autometer Gage Pods for SHOs new 6/27/03
Where is that Stupid Grommet
Reverse Indigo Gage Install
A Pillar Gauge Pods
White Faces Gauges (Bulb Replacement)
Paul's LED Treatment
12 Volt source of Accessories
Ashtray Gauge Pod Conversion
Removal of Ash Tray
Radar Detector Installations - A Discussion
LED Illuminated Headlight Switch
Installed Gentex 511 Mirror
Eric' s NZ Handbrake

Wheels / Tires

Aftermarket Wheels 
Tire Fitment Described  
Tire Fitment II  
Summer Tires 
The Great Tire Debate 
High Performance Tire Poll 
Winter Tires  
SHO Tires  - 
(Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet; right click "Save Link As...") 
Tire Pressure At Holy Cow Speeds  
Tire Reviews by V8 SHO owners  updated 5/08/01
18x8 Rims on a SHO   new 6/13/01
Good Rim News new 7/24/03
Rim Fitment - Part 3 new 7/28/03
Tire Width Primer  1/15/05
Wheel - Tire Weight Affects On HP
19"x8" Rims on a V8SHO  4/22/05

Audio System

Stock JBL and Mach audio systems 
Stereo Speaker Upgrade  
Subwoofer install for 97-99's  
Replacement CD Unit  new 6/19/01
Wiring In An Antennae Switch new 07/06/2004
CD Changer Skipping
Sub & Amp Install 1/09/04
Remote turn-on/off for sub/amp 01/22/2005
Aftermarket Stereo Installs
Speaker Wiring Color Coding
Stereo Wiring - Pin Out Guide
Install 6.5" Speakers in Front Doors 7/1/05
Stereo Head Unit Install
Instructions for adding an auxiliary line input to the Ford Taurus
Mach Audio to JBL Swap


How much is too much?
Vector Performance
Special SHO's  
Where is that Stupid Grommet
Gen lV Front Clip On A Gen lll
More Critter Issues 1/09/05
Lessons from Putnam Park
FSTB Power Steering Leak
Fuel pump cutout

"Super SHOs"

(heavily modified SHOs)
Mike Holhut and Scott Waters ZEX Nitrous systems



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