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SHO Sway bars

new 11/17/2003

I saw the Taurus sway bar page, and saw my nom de' plume mentioned.

I just thought I would chime in with where I have found the 28MM rear sway bars, maybe others can get them too if they don't mind searching for old Taurii.

The first I found on a 1990 Taurus L at pick and pull out on Foster road in SE Portland, that had rear disk brakes. I was out hunting for rear disk brakes, and saw the fat bar on there, and assumed it was a SHO bar put on the car. I got it off, and saw when sitting on the other SHO bar I had in my trunk it was larger, is was 28MM.

The second I found on a brown Taurus L in Utah at a bone yard near our shop about 2 years later. Same deal, the car had rear disks, and a fatter 28MM rear sway bar. The next I found on a police car we got at auction, again, another Taurus L. I have found 2 more on same year police cars here in Utah. Utah fielded the first run of GEN1 Taurus police cars, they had rear disks, and of the 3 Taurus retired police cars we have picked up or gone through in bone yards, they all had the 28MM rear sway bar. I have sold all the ones I have found since my first, on eBay, and everyone has confirmed, without surprise, they are in fact 28MM bars. 

I have had a few skeptics call me out, and I've let 2 of them crawl under my car to measure it, but so far, on both occasions, they didn't even have to get their micrometer out, they said they could see it was bigger than the 26MM bar.

So, anyway, just thought it might be nice for people to keep their eyes open on 90-91 Taurus Ls with rear disk brakes. I've found them on police car L's, and two civilian colored L's.



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