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Care and Feeding of the 96-99 Taurus SHO

This document discusses the reliability of the 1996 to 1999 Taurus SHO, common maintenance recommendations, common problems and their resolution, and repair techniques.   It is not intended to be a replacement for your owners manual or the service manuals. 

General Maintenance Schedule
Parking Lot Problems
Pittsburgh Driving rules  
Save Valuable Money 
Torque Wrench Primmer new 11/21/02
Mechanical Check List new 3/30/03
ESP Thing new 3/30/03
Primary V8SHO Known Issues  -  new 6/6/03
SHO Collectable?  11/28/05
Parts List With Prices
Clay Bars and Detailing the GENIII
How To Tell SHO By VIN
Ford Service CD's
RPM vs Speed
Fall Car Care
Dead Battery AND Keys Locked in Car
Check Engine Light On Line Help
Technical Service
Bulletins & Recalls

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Alldata 1996 SHO TSB & Recall Summery 
Alldata 1997 SHO TSB & Recall Summery
Alldata 1998 SHO TSB & Recall Summery
Alldata 1999 SHO TSB & Recall Summery

Ford Announces Major Recall  new 4/1/01

List of TSB's

97 TSB  Decontent Changes
1996 SHO Recalls and TSB's

Blower Motor TSB 97-25-5
Body Product Changes TSB 96-26-1
Door Handles TSB 97-15-2
Door Panels Removal TSB 97-26-3
Door Trim Panel TSB 99-8-15
Fuel Gage Issues - TSB 99-2-6
Fuel Gage TSB 99-15-1
High Idle TSB 00-3-5
Lock Replacement TSB 99-24-2
No Start Fuel Pump TSB 98-25-1
Passive Anti Theft Diag TSB 99-26-6
Radio, Static while driving TSB 97-18-4
Remote Anti-Theft Personality TSB 97-11-5
Remote Keyless Entry TSB 97-24-13
SHO Changes for 99 TSB 99-7-5
Side Door Wind Noise TSB 99-6-5
Sub Frame Clunk TSB 97-2-3
Subframe Retention Nuts TSB 97-25-2
Suspension Clunking TSB 97-2-5
Suspension Front Squeak 96-3-3
Transaxle Correct Fluid Usage TSB 98-3-8
Transaxle Neutral TSB 98-3-7
Transmission Fluid Usage Chart TSB 98-8-8
TSB on 99 De-content
Windnoise at A Pillar TSB 96-14-1
Windnoise at A Pillar TSB 96-3-1
Windshield Wipers TSB 99-24-3
TSB 01-23-6 Coolant
TSB 01-15-7 ATF Usage Chart
TSB 01-9-7 HO2S Service Tips
TSB 01-06-2 PATS
TSB 00-20-3 Instrument Panel Separation - new 3/30/03
TSB 99-12-7 Long Crank-Slow Start
TSB 98-23-10 Mass Air Flow Contamination
TSB 98-20-10 Exhaust System Noise
TSB 98-13-12 Transaxle Flushing
TSB 98-8-4 High RPM Misfire
TSB 98-6-5 AX4N Converter
TSB 98-3-7 AX4N Intermittent Neutral
TSB 98-2-7 Musty AC
TSB 97-26-3 Door Panel Service
TSB 97-25-5 Blower Fan Noise
TSB 97-23-1 Suspension Noise
TSB 97-6-7 Low Speed Stall
TSB 97-6-1 Remote Keyless Entry
TSB 97-2-5 Suspension Clunk
TSB 97-2-3 Subframe Clunk
Loctite TSB 03-14-1 new 7/21/03
Owner Comments on Loctite TSB 03-14-1  
Proprietary DTCs Codes new 1/3/04
Updated TSB's
Recall 98S10
Diagnostic Trouble Code P1518
DTC Code P0455
Diagnostic Trouble Code P0401
Engine Light Code P0455
Updated DTC Codes
On-Board Diagnostic Trouble Code Description Chart
P1744 TCC Solenoid
Diagnosing codes. What can I do to fix them
Transmission Range Circuit Low - PO707
Transaxle Neutral TSB 98-3-7
P1151 Code
Proprietary DTCs Codes
TSB 04-16-1 - COP Diagnostic Tips
SHO/TSB 04-16-1.pdf
Bosch Spark Plug War
TSB 06-14-4 new 3/07/07
TSB 97-8-8 "Air Conditioning -EATC Service Tips" - new 9/6/07

Fluids and Filters Draining the Cooling System
Coolant Flush  
 Potential Consequences Of No Routine Coolant Flush in GIII
Fuel Pressure Regulator
Oil & Oil Analysis
Oil Analysis  Spreadsheet
Oil Analysis 9/13/06
Oil Change 
Oil Preference
Power Steering Flush  
Oil Leaks
Fuel Filter
Fuel Filter How to Change 
Oil Filters  
Brake Fluid   
Brake Fluid: A Hot Topic  
Pollen Filter Replacement 
Oil Choices & Additives
Lub Lessons from OK new 7/30/01
Mobil 1  More info on latest Mobil 1 Blend from Amsoil. 
PS Fluid PM
Fuel Pump Fuses new 9/17/02
Mobil 1 0W-40 new 3/2/03
Power Steering Fluid Filtering new 8/11/03
Oil Data Chart - new 12/18/03
Oil Pressure as a function of RPM with 5W-30 Mobil1 new 4/11/04
ATX Fluid Change
Fuel System Additives
Fuel Pump Module
Oil Data Chart
Source of Oil Burning Smell
Interpreting Oil Analysis
Draining the Coolant
Low Coolant Light Experience - how to drain or flush
Fuel Pumps
Brake Fluid Change
Fuel Pump Replacement
Extended Oil Change Interval Tests with Mobil 1
Another Method For Cleaning K&N-Type Gauze Filters
SHO Oil Filter Comparison  Buford purchased every SHO oil filter on the market and checked them out for a big article in the SHO Club. Because of the importance, depth, scope and size Don Mallinson of SHO Club put it first on the SHO Club website in the members section - check it out. new 5/7/01 

Oil Filters & Oil Filter O-Rings new 8/2/05
Studies Oil Filters and Penetrating Fluids

Engine Front Main Seal - part II - new 9/22/08
Best Price On Coils
How to Check for Spark
Sparkplug Design
100K PM - Tim's Plan - TIC Firmly
Valve Cover Removal  
Valve Shims
Oil Pan, Pump, and Screen  
Intake Manifold, Removal 
Intake Manifold Runner Control  
Thermostat Replacement
Water Pump
Accessory Drive Belts
EGR Valve 
PCV Valve and Hose
V8 SHO Teardown
V8 Engine Wt  
High Idle - TSB  
Miss Diagnosis  
Stuck Throttle Solutions  
High  Idle  
Spark Plug Choice  
Reset Idle 
Spark Plug Change  
Pages of How-to's link to Al Primm's spark plug change page 
Cam Sprocket Failure  
Alternator Replacement  
Electrical Short in your SHO? new 10/03/02
How To - Pull the Surge Tank for Rear Plug Change new 10/05/02
Intermittent No-Start Problem Solved new 12/21/02
Cam Position Sensor Photos new 1/05/03
IMRC Repair new  new 2/12/03
Missfires and Coil Tests new 2/12/03
VW Coil Pack new 2/12/03
Rear Main Wiring Harness Issue new 2/13/03
All SHO and No Go new 2/21/03
Replacement Coils new 3/01/03
Federal Mogul V8 Valves new 4/30/03
Replacement Radiators new 4/30/03
Dimitri Survives Coil on Plug Hell 5/09/03
Reuse Engine Bolts? new 4/08/04
Whining noise from under the hood
Emissions Parts Lists
Cam Position Sensor Photos
TSB - Hold your car for Ransom
Radiator Installation - By the Book
Engine Stalls
Cam Sprocket Alignment
Replacing Head Parts
EGR Valve
Spark Plugs, A Pictorial Description
Engine Removal
Oil Cooler O-ring
No Start Condition - Technical Discussion
Disassembly/Reassembly of the SHO Motor - Or Things That Fall and Never Hit the Ground.
Reuse Engine Bolts?
Engine Washing Problems and Stalling
Misfire Detection Monitor
Coolant Reservoir Diagram
Repairing a Leaky Oil Cooler 
No Compression Primer
Stripped Spark Plug Thread updated 8/10/04
Intake Manifold Vacuum Test new 8/13/04
Coil On Plug Ignition
Pulling the SHO Engine (Motor)
Hard Starting
P-1309 DTC
High or Surging Idle Problem / Dying at Low RPM
Mystery Coolant Leak
Car Misses - Changed Plugs Coils
MAF Cleaning 12/19/04
P0172 Banks One and Two - MAF Cleaning 201
Best Source for Quality Coils new 1/07/05
No Start Condition 01/22/2005
Engine Break InA Discussion
Coil On Plug Test
Surge Tank
Heater Hoses and Such
How to use Multimeter to Test COP
Radiator Cleaning
Major Coolant Leak
Murray's On-Line Source of Replacement COP new 3/16/05
Rod Bearings - Analyze This
Oil Pump Priming 4/6/05
Warning on Autolite Spark Plugs 4/6/05
Firing Order & Cylinder Location 4/24/05
Cam & Crank Position Sensor Photos updated 4/26/05
Motor Mounts   7/03/05
Stripped Spark Plug Hole
How To - Pull the Surge Tank for Rear Plug Change 6/23/05
DTC P0411/P1411 Diagnostic Routines
Clay's Detailed Engine
Alternator Comparisons
Cam Timing Sprocket
Voltmeter hookup
Rear COP Replacement Photos and How-To
Blown Spark Plug
Machining of Aluminum Cylinder Heads
Replacing Seals
Oil Cooler Oil Temperature Sender Ports
Cooling Hoses
Engine Castings
Valve Shims
Engine Pull
Blinking CEL
Front Main Seal
P0131 Code
Sub Frame Connectors
Motor Mounts
Ignition System
Crank Position Sensor Pulse Exciter Ring
P0446 Evap System
Replacement Valve Shims new 2/4/08
Electrical Weirdness
Head Bolts and TTY - A Discussion
V8 SHO Engine Removal  2/19/08
Broken Crank Pulley Bolt
Crank Pulley Bolt - Must see!
Engine Harness & Emissions
Surge Tank Stuck
Water Pump Belt
Flex Pipe
Primary Sprocket Failure
Spark Plug Repair Kit
SAI issues, P1413 - Resolved
P0411 Headscratcher
Control Ford EEC V and OBD II
Alternator - Sometimes It's Not The Culprit
EEC-V Pinout - SHO
No Start Condition
High or Surging Idle
Fuel Charging System
Fuel Pump 
Battery Replacement Options  
Battery Change  
Chip Controlled Break In
Under Hood Temps  
Air Pump Replacement  
IMRC Failures 
Spark Plug Changes
Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) System Monitor
Cam Position Sensor Photos
SHO 97TR Wire Loom Failure
Oh Goody... Electrical Problems
Coolant Bottle Installation
IMRC Clip - Pete Found It
IMRC Maniacs
Alternator Replacement
Alternator Replacement II   new 1/24/05
Intake Manifold Runner Control (IMRC)
IMRC Repair
Overheating... Radiator Problem Solved
P340 - Camshaft Position Sensor
Crankshaft Position (CKP) Sensor Removal
Timing Chain Change
Something Fell in the Fuel Tank
IMRC Autopsy Findings  new 1/4/05
How to Clean a MAF new 1/25/05
Timing Chain Marks Question new 1/25/05
P1121 P1132P1152
Engine Coolants - Good Read
Charging System - Battery Light Indicator
02 Sensors
This Is How You Change The T-Stat
Spark Plug Part Numbers
PCM Location and Replacement new 6/23/05
Starting Gremlins Fixed
Surge Tank Quiz
Alternator Rebuilding Tips
TPS Adjustment
Continuing EGR frustrations
Cooling Fans
No Crank - AKA As No Start
MAF Cleaning - An Idiots Guide
Fast IdleSurging Tach Needle Going Crazy
O2 Sensor Question - P0161
Cruise Light Stay Illuminated
Turn Signal Won't Shut Off
Battery Tray Mounting Solution
Exhaust Exhaust Manifold
Catalytic Converter
P0420 Still (after O2 sensors replaced)
P0240 & the 3rd Cat 1/7/05
P0420 - A Primer
Y Pipe Removal
Automatic Transaxle AX4N Transaxle, Description 
Valve Body Replacement
Trans. External Controls 
External Controls, Removal 
AX4N Transaxle, Disassembled  
ATX Fluid Change
Transmission Parking Lock
ATF Usage Chart 
Transmission Poll  
ATF Temp Chart new 4/21/02
Tranny PM After Summit Point new 8/27/02
Redline ATF Analysis
Taurus ATX Failure Website new 10/04/02
Jasper AX4N Replacement new 10/04/02
Answer to Mysterious ATX Ill  new 2/12/03
P0741 OR P1744 TCC Solenoid
Trans Axle Cooler Lines
Leaking Trans Axle Cooler Lines
Tranny PM After Summit Point
Shifter Won't Move
ATX Diag from Alldata  new 8/10/04
Transmission Rebuild Pricing
ATX Fluid Flow & Tranny Coolers
Transmission Range Selector
Paul's ATF Change Method
AX4N Pump Assembly Replacement
SHO Halfshafts
ATX Lost OD on transmission: code P0761
Installing A New Transmission
Changing Trans Fluid- This Doesn't Look Good
SHO RadiatorTransmission Cooler - How To Clean
Transmission Fluid - This Doesn't Look Good
96_97 Transmission Swap
AX4N Damages
P1121 and P1744
TQC Fails To Lock Up
Changing AX4N Valve Body
Fully Seated Torque Converter
Suspension, Steering, and Frame "Clunk" from the front end
Semi-Active Ride Control (struts)
SARC Strut Replacement  
Alignment Specifications
Engine and Transmission Support 
Front End Clunk  
SARC Struts
Tie Rod End Replacement Procedure new 5/13/03
New Struts and Sex  new 6/13/03
Bent Rim Repair  7/20/03
End Links and Sway Bar Bushing Replacement
ABS, Speedometer, & Cruise
Front Strut Removal new 7/09/04
Front Swaybar Install Directions  new 8/21/04
Taurus Spring Codes  New 8/23/04
Early 96 Roll Call
Tie Rod Ends
Subframe Alignment
Lower Ball Joint Removal - HELLLPP!!!
Source for Replacement Steering Racks  new 2/22/05
Power Steering Pump - R&R
Half Shafts - Rebuilt vs Remanufactured - A Discussion
Tie Rod Replacement Parts
Steering Rack Remove & Replace
Rear Subframe Part Numbers new 7/03/05
Clockspring Install
Power Steering Problems
Noise From the Back of the SHO
Rear Suspension Problem Question
Ball Joint Separation
Rear SARC Sensor Removal
Power Steering Line
Ball Joint Information
Bearing or CV
Front Struts For a 99
CV Boot
Rocker Trim
Wheels/Tires/Brakes Home Wheel Scuff Repair
Great Tire Debate
High Performance Tire Poll
Wheels and Upgrades
Wheel Care
Rotor Replacement
Rotor and Pad Choices
Bleeding the Brakes
Front Brakes  
Rear Brakes  
Tire Mounting Dots 
Tire Reviews by SHO Owners
Tire Speed Ratings  
Tire Watch 
Lug Nuts  
Slotted Rotors  
Adjust Your Brakes! 
Brakes at Halette  
Brake Bleeding new 5/13/02
Replacement Ford Brake Pads new 4/23/03
The Great Tire Debate 
Help with IMRC Failure DTC
Steering Racks
Anti-Lock Brake Sensors
Tire Mounting Procedure
Bleeding Brakes - Nimz Style
Rear Brake Caliper Removal
Front Hub Assembly Replacement
Changing the Brake Fluid
ABS, Speedometer, & Cruise
96 + SHO Disk Brakes
Parking Brake Cable Adjustment
Brake Pad Comparisons
Brake Fluid Change
Tire Rubbing Noise
Snow Tires
ABS Exciter Ring Grooved
Master Cylinder And Booster Swap
Flare Fittings On The ABS Controller
Brake Line Coating
AZ Brake Pads
Installation of New Brake Line Set
Interior and Controls Interior Lamps updated 11/12/02
Leather, Rubber, and Vinyl Care
Speedometer Failure at Speed
CD Player Skipping
Leaks and Rattles  
Noise from windshield
Door & Dome light problem  
Headlight Switch Removal 
Removing Door Speakers  
Daytime Running Lights - Diag  
Console Latch  
Keyfob Remote  
DRL Price Update  
Light Bulbs new 4/20/02
Multifunction Switch R&R new 9/23/02
Replacement CD Changer new1/9/03
Hood Mushroom for Alarm new 5/9/03
Get Rid of a Cigarette Smell new 6/10/03
Keyless Entry Code new 6/19/03
Cell Phone Providers new 6/25/03
How to Remove Stuck CD 
Spare Key Programming
Door Panel Fasteners
Power Windows - Stick/Do Not Operate
Wiper Motor
Child Seat Anchor
GEM Module
ABS, Speedometer, & Cruise
Programming Spare Key 98-99
Power Window Sticking
Radio Diagnostics
Glue For Dash Repair
Seat Belt Woes
Shifter Won't Move
CD Player - No Disc Fix
96-99 SHO JBL & MACH
Intermittent Cruise Control
Door Panels
Starwars Cupholder Repair
Stereo Self Test - Speaker Check And Diagnostic Codes 01/22/2005
Multifunction Switch for 99's  new 1/25/05
Console Coming Apart
Push Pins
cMap Dome Lights Not Coming On (foot well working) Issue SOLVED
Center Console Removal
Remove Stuck CD
Window Motor Update
Third Brake Light Removal  7/04/05
Rear Seat Removal and rear tray. 7/4/05
Photocell Adjustment
Rear View Mirror Replacement
Blend Door Motor Removal
Headlight Switch Removal
V8 SHO Wiring Diagrams
Blinking Battery Light
Cleaning Multi Function Switch
Dashboard Repair or Bad Dash!! Lay Down
Intermittent Speedo
Dome Lamp Stays On
Door Panels
Center Console Lid
Remove Stuck CD
Headlight Switch Assembly Removal
CEL Bulb Not Working
Replacing Door Window Seals
Intermittent Horn - Could Be Bigger Problem!
96 JBL Wiring Diagram
Air Conditioning Air Conditioning Self Test
A/C Failures And How To Prevent Them
EATC and Max AC
Air Conditioning Cuts Out
Cabin Air Filter
Mysteries of the Rear Defroster
AC Clutch Adjustment
Cooling Issues - Carter Style
Air Conditioning Problems
Exterior Headlight Polishing
Get Rust Before It Gets Your SHO
Spoiler Waxing  
Headlight Differences
Power Antenna Replacement new 4/19/03
Headlight Replacement new 5/15/03
SHO Clear Headlight Protectors new 6/12/03
Replacement Headlight Assemblies new 10/23/03
Testing Headlamp Bulbs
Supermarket Cleaning Formulas That Really Work
Passenger Window Questions
Rear Deck Lid Adjustment
Testing Headlamp Bulbs
Brake Light - Tail Light Malfunction new 8/10/04
DRL's Cycling
Painting Windshield Wiper Arms  9/30/04
Paint Codes
Headlight Cleaning Kit
Antenna Mast Install Complete
Preference for New Windshield
SHO Car Bra
Blend Door Motor Removal
Bug Gut Removal
Hood Will Not Open
Wax Removal Around Trim
Water In Trunk Again
Rocker Trim
Replacement Headlights Gasket Deteriorating
Electronic Sensors Coolant Sensor Replacement
ABS Sensor  
Electronic Engine Sensors  
Electronic Ignition Controls  
ABS, Speedometer, & Cruise
Scan Tools new 3/16/05
Starting Gremlins Fixed - CPS replacement
VSS Issues 
Quality is Job 1? Dealer Feedback Page

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