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William Ordean - Cam Failure

new 7/30/02

How are you? This Is From Bill and Jenny Ordean. We finally got our SHO welded and I just got it back together. It's been down since 5/01. I finally found a portable tig welder. That is the way to go. I will send pictures after I get them developed. I did not need to know what metal it was the gentleman who welded it just fused them together. This made for NO SPATTER in my engine. The welds are nice and small with no big clumps of weld bead. The man was a friend of a friend and only charged me $40. This was done on 7/21/02. I started my engine on 7/22 (battery was toast) had to wait a day and charge my other battery. And I only got to here it run for 30 seconds and had to shut down. Smoke started rolling out of pulley side of engine. Alternator was locked up. So I had to her the engine one more time just so I could hear the sweet sound of that v8 WITH NO SEWING MACH. TICK.

That was what was wrong with my car. Now What are the tricks for removal of the alternator? IF you can help me. I did not find any disassembly info on the web site. I don't know if you know this but this alternator is used on the larger engine in ford Windstars also it has a different pulley and is a 130 amps. My housing is no longer cracked but broke clean thru. If you would like you can add us to the SHO owner list you can.

P.S. only good thing about my car being down that long is it only has 42000 miles on it.

Thanks for all your help.
William Ordean
Paint is Charcoal Gray Metallic

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