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William Irish - Cam Failure #150

new 12/10/02


Sheeesh!!! and I thought I was the only one.

I bought the car new from the dealership in "96". My son was graduating from college in the fall of 1999 and subsequently got a job. He bought the car from me. I was planning to buy him a trainer Rolex to mark the occasion of his graduation from college. You know, something he could have for the rest of his life from the old man. He was working in town here and the car started making a nasty sound like a valve hammering. We took it to a local dealer that couldn't divine the problem. He was being transferred to Colorado Springs in the next few days.

His employer was transporting the car to the new location for him and the car was delivered to the nearest ford dealer for inspection. CO. dealer inspected the car, came to no conclusion, instructed him to use heavier oil and discharged the car. The next day the engine lunched.

We were thrown on the horns of the same dilemma that you folks have been experiencing. I just found out about it because of the article in AUTOWEEK.

Needless to say, he didn't get the graduation watch. He had to rent a car for the first few months in CO and dug himself a financial hole from which he is still trying to dig.

How can I add my voice to the cause? Where can I learn more about the accusations that are being thrown about Ford's advanced knowledge of the problem. We located a SHO engine that was purchased for $2750 and installed in the car. How can I be sure to avoid the same problem?

William Irish

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