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William Davis - Cam Failures 156 & 157

new 12/17/02

I own a 1996 SHO with 62K miles.  The VIN# is 1FALP54N3TA263468.  In July of 2002 I noticed a clicking sound for a couple of days emanating from the engine.  I attempted to drive from Houston to Austin but the car died in Sealy, Texas.  The check engine light came on and I lost all power.  The local garage did a diagnostics check which showed the #1 cylinder was misfiring.  They could not figure out the problem, so I had the car towed to Mac Haik Ford in Houston.  Mac Haik mechanics told me the cam gear had come detached from the cam shaft.  I had to order the part from Japan at the tune of $2,000.00.  I got the car back and attempted to drive to Austin again.  I made it all the way to Bastrop until the car died again while stopped at a red light.  I had the car towed back to Mac Haik and now the problem is the exhaust cam.  I was just made aware of this website today by the mechanics at the dealership.

William Davis

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