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Who Says This Isn't A Safety Issue?

new 12/31/02

My wife was driving the SHO over the weekend when the fuel pump fuse blew. The subsequent and instant loss of power (similar to losing a camshaft sprocket as I distinctly recall) occurred midway through a long but increasingly tight right hand corner. She said that her first clue that something was wrong was when she could no longer keep the car turning and she crossed oncoming traffic. As luck would have it there was a large enough break in traffic that nobody hit her head on in her new quest to more closely inspect the landscaping of the residence on outside corner. She stopped in the Christmas decorations of one of these unfortunate residents front yard after narrowly missing several natural obstacles (ditch, tree and large hedges) even while trying to ascertain (checking the gauges) why the car had changed course. The SHO now has some additional wiring that may come in handy next year during the holidays and some minor scratches. The stain in the drivers seat is another matter.

The loss of power on a straight was not to bad an experience but the loss of power in the beginning of a corner is quite dangerous in a SHO when you are not prepared. Try it sometime if you do not believe me. I argued with her as to just how hard it could be and tried a little experiment on an empty road at 40 mph. It really was quite hard to increase the turning radius when the engine dies upon entering a corner. Maybe some of this information could be shared with the attorney's?

Carter Fuji
'97 ES

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