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Wayne S McGown - Possible Cam Failure #602

New 9/14/05

Hey guys I am fairly new to this group and was following all the trends quietly. UNTIL NOW. I think I had what you describe as a cam failure, I was coming off the exit ramp, came to a stop and soon as I started I thought I ran over a bike or sounded like my cv boots broke apart, the car made it home but with a funny noise. Upon further inspections off the motor, I noticed oil coming out of one of the cylinder banks with spark plug and my coil hanging to the side. I just bought the car 2 weeks ago and I knew they were not welded yet but I thought I had more time. So I guess my next question is since the car still runs is there a fix for it or do I have to replace the whole motor. So far I found 2 engines in my area. But if there is an easier fix, like say replacing the cam and putting the correct weld on the other cam and replace the coil etc. If not then I will purchase the motor. Please Help!!. THANK A BUNCH, I hope I don't sound too stupid asking these questions by the way.

Wayne S McGown
Vibrant White 84k
Miami Florida

Details Pending - Buford

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