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Wade Musgrave - Cam Failure #207

new 2/3/03


My name is Wade Musgrave and I am a 1998 Gen III Taurus SHO owner. I have owned this vehicle for 4 years. It currently has 100,000 miles and will not run at this time. My spouse usually drives it as her everyday car. 10 days ago she heard a ticking noise and had the oil level checked (full on the dip stick). She filled it up with gasoline at the same time. 2 miles later she lost all power. The car would start and idle, but when she pressed the accelerator it would bog down and had no power. She had it towed to our mechanic. While at the shop, it lost the ability to start. The mechanic could not figure out the problem. He sent it to another specialized mechanic who changed the plugs because the ones that were in it, were fuel fouled (keep in mind that the plugs were changed at 85,000 miles). After changing the plugs, he was able to start the car. It ran for approximately 30 seconds (extremely rough) and died. He was unable to get it started again. He explained to me that it appeared to be an air or fuel delivery problem, and mentioned that it could be caused by many possible things. One of the causes that he mentioned was cam positioning. All of the above happenings occurred prior to my knowledge of the "Class Action Law Suit" on Cam slipping. After viewing all of the information on this problemV8SHO web site, I truly believe that the cam slipped on my SHO. I still owe approximately $5,000 dollars, which I am not willing to pay if Ford was aware of this defect. I would be glad top join this action. The following is my contact information:

Wade Musgrave
1998 White Ford Taurus V8SHO
VIN: will furnish later, info in vehicle which is still in shop


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