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Vadim's New Cams

updated 10/21/01

We got an indirect response unofficial from Ford about our cam problem.

Seems it is "unlikely" Ford will admit a problem because:

We still have one more route of approach to try, I would like to see a Ford step up to the plate and still think a win/win solution is possible. If we get the same answer a second time our best tactic may to get a media savvy lawyer and publicly shame FOMOCO as much as possible and in every way possible.

In other news Vadim is working hard developing billet replacement for V8SHOs. A set of 4 would cost less than $1000 and minimum order for Vadim would be at least 10 sets. In time Vadim could develop a Stage 1 that would add 10-20 HP.

Labor for installation would be about 14 hrs. Because the thinnest V8 shim is twice as think as the V6 valve shim Vadim is developing a method to use the V6 shim in the V8 motor.

(summery of phone conversation with Vadim)


I had my cam grinder take a look at V8 cams and here is the latest:

1. Stock profiles are:

I have not had a chance yet to simulate any profiles. Within next couple of days I will have some more time to play with the program.

2. Pricing:

There are two ways to make custom cams. One way is to make billets. The cam is ground from a chunk of 9310 steel and then re-hardened. For this process to be cost effective a minimum of 20 sets is required at price of $1300 per set. The second way to make the cams is to cast them - the same way V6 cams are made. The price is more affordable at $800 per set, but minimum quantity is 100 sets. In the prices I have included modifying shim buckets to V6 style with a slot for easy shim removal. Current V8 setup requires the use of air compressor to pop the shim away from the bucket. The buckets will be on exchange basis. Time frame for either way is about 3-4 month.



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