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V8 Cams

Thanks to you, Brad Hogue

From: <ThugIN513@aol.com>
To: <timwright@msn.com>
Subject: V8SHO.com Website
Date: Friday, May 18, 2001 3:06 AM

my name is Brad Hogue, I am a really into the sho's I have a 97 sho and a 91 sho plus. I am trying to do every mod possible pretty much on my 97. I have lots done including tranny, throttle body, suspension, brake upgrades and so on. Future plans include the blower and nitrous. Through having all my sho's I have gotten to know Vadim fairly well and when we talked today we were talking about cams. We were trying to see if for now we could get a list of enough people that want them to make it worth developing them. Vadim says the price would be around $800 is there away to post this to see how many people we can get that are interested. Vadim says if we can get 10 people interested it would make it worth it. 


Brad Hogue

see www.shoshop.com to contact Vadim at the SHO Shop


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