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V8SHO TSB on Cars Serviced by Ray's in MI

New 6/22/06


There was a cam welder in the Detroit area with a business named "Ray's".  Up until about 2 years ago he was a on the list of  recommended cam welders.  A few V8SHO owners found his mechanical work unsatisfactory, and he was take off the list.  A big loss since there are many V8SHO near Detroit and he was close by for them.

Ray did the disassembly - reassembly, but he farmed out the welding.  This week V8SHO had its third report of inferior welds done at Ray's resulting in cam failures.

Therefore, if your cam's were done at Ray's, please consider them as "un-welded" and have the double checked by some one trusted ASAP.

An all alloy 3.4L DOHC V8 is a terrible thing to waste.



Regarding the Rash of "Booger" welds turning up lately.

A few weeks back I Re-Welded a SHO which was welded by an Unknown Welder. The welds were cracked and the Material Used for the weld was Unknown too. When MY Welding Wire hit the OLD welds they lit up like a Christmas tree - Exploded all over the place - almost vaporized. When I got through the Boogers everything went back to normal.

Now, based on the fact that we will NEVER know the welding materials used All the time, what is a fair and safe approach? Just blow through it and pray for the best? Go Around them and hope the weld layer is enough to live with? Try to Knock them off with a punch and hammer? I WON'T grind inside the engine!

Looking for the Smartest course of action here when working with an unknown variable.

-- Eric Lehmann

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