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Travis Randolph - Cam Failure #256

new 5/14/03

Tim & all,

Another CAM FAILURE to report.

My boss, who owns a '96 Ebony SHO has had a cam failure. (I test drove this exact car, liked it so much I went out and bought my '96 TR)

Date of Failure: May 12, 2003
Miles at Failure: 111,812
VIN: 1FALP54N1TA257460
Date of Purchase: Sept. 18, 1996
RE Barber Ford, Holland, MI
Miles at Purchase: 4,800 (as a demo)

Fortunately for him it's not his daily driver, his daughter actually drives it while living on campus at the University of Michigan. With that in mind it's obvious that a 21 year old would not know what the ticking was if in fact it gave any warning. She drove it to class in the AM, drove it back home for lunch, attempted to drive to class in the PM and it failed upon starting.

The CAM FAILURE was diagnosed and confirmed by:
Gene Butman Ford, Ypsilanti, MI
with a statement to this affect:
"SHOs have this problem" .....
"camshaft gear slips" .....
"pistons smack valves" .....

Ypsilanti ain't that far from Dearborn, I told him to have it towed over to Ford Corporate and have it dropped in Bill Jr's, reserved space.

If you'd like to talk to or contact him, let me know off list and I'll give you the particulars.

Dave Postma
Grandville, MI
96 TR

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