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Tracy Green - Cam Failure

new 12/02/02

Another one bites the dust. My pride and joy (as well as my main mode of transportation) died on November 23, 2002. I was driving my 96 SHO down the freeway at a rather tame 60 mph when I lost all power. Check engine and O/D off lights flashing I dodged traffic and made a rather slow exit off the freeway. I was able to restart the SHO but attained a top speed of no more than 5mph. I had the car delivered to Bob Tomes Ford in McKinney, Texas. After 2 full days of diagnostics I was told that they did not know why my SHO could not keep time. I was also told that it would cost about $800.00 to tear the engine down to find out. I asked them to hold off until I could check things out for myself. That was when I found the Detroit Free Press article by Mr. McCracken.

When I showed up at the dealership, I knew what the diagnosis was going to be. Sure enough, I was told that the rear exhaust camshaft sprocket splines were stripped and major damage has occurred. Estimated cost of the head alone (not counting damaged valves, pistons, etc...) $4,000.00. The next solution that was offered was a new engine at the cost of around $15,000.00.

I bought the car used 2 years ago (after my well built Mazda 626 and I were taken out by a red light runner). I still owe $9,700.00 on a car that will now sit in my driveway until I can get it paid off or at least paid down enough to roll it into another vehicle loan.

What are the prospects of a class action against FOMCO? Has Ford offered and concessions to those of us in this boat?
I did file a complaint with the NHTSA, and in one complaint already on file I did find where Ford had issued a SPECIAL SERVICE BULLETIN 15879 to check for the problem.

If any other owners have yet to experience this problem please have them go to a reputable dealer and mention this Special Service bulletin and request, no, demand service.

Please keep me informed as to the progress of this issue and thanks for all the good work.

Tracy Green
Once proud owner of Ford products

64 1/2 Mustang convertible (still running, uncle now owns)
65 Mustang GT convertible (still running, uncle now owns)
66 Mustang hardtop (probably still running, I couldn't kill it)
71 Mustang Boss ((Father sold it due to number of tickets I accumulated in 30 days)
76 Bronco (Father totaled on an icy road)
96 Taurus SHO (Found On Roadside DEAD ...and still paying on it for 24 more months)


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