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Toyota Camshaft Problem

New 5/29/07

Quoted from Autoblog.com:

Quote: Out of a run of 30,000 5.7-liter V8 engines, Toyota has had reports of 20 camshafts snapping -- a minuscule number in light of the total (0.06 percent, as a matter of fact). Toyota says the outside supplier of the camshafts has discovered the problem, which was "a metallurgical defect in the casting," and the company is trying to figure out how many of the remaining 30,000 engines could also be affected, though because of the company's production method, the final number is not expected to be large. The camshafts have been designed to prevent collateral damage in case they break, but Toyota will replace a customer's entire engine if the camshaft failure should occur by sending a new 5.7L via airfreight to the nearest dealer. Apparently some Toyota execs believe that the new number one global automaker has been growing too fast to maintain proper quality control. Yet with the Tundra being a new truck with a new engine in a new market for Toyota, there are going to be teething problems, as we've seen. What remains to be seen is if, or for how long, these problems will continue.


Emphasis added by Buford

I think this needs to be on the front page on the V8SHO.com website, DEFINITELY in the recent updates. - Eric


Would Toyota be willing to air freight me one of those 5.7L V8's to replace my 3.4L? I'd be more than happy to put Toyota stickers over my Ford logos...

BTW, excellent precedent set by Toyota.

Daniel Holtman <silvapain@gmail.com>

Wow! Why would the number one automaker in the world do something so irresponsible as replace the entire engine on their dime if only the camshaft breaks when it doesn't even bend a valve? Oh yeah, customer service!! Doh, what was I thinking? Oh, that I own a Ford.....

Carter Fuji

Move Toyota to my--must consider this manufacturer in the future list ;)

Christina Casselton <sholover@gmail.com>


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