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Tim Swezy - Cam Failure #497& 500

New 01/05/2005


My name is Tim Swezy. I am a Ford Certified Senior Master Tech. I no longer work as a technician due to an injury.

My wife owns a 1997 SHO VIN #1FALP54NXVA262420 with 71271 miles. This car has been cared for professionally by me. It is now parked until I can do something about the cams

The other day I went to drive it for the first time in a while as I normally drive my F-150 and the engine was clattering loudly. I believe it is the cam gears. I also believe Ford has some responsibility here.

I don't let many people work on my vehicles so if you could point me in the right direction for help in my area, please let me know.

My wife would be interested in info for class action.

Sandra Swezy
Morris, IL. 60450

Bought our her SHO in 4/98 with 7000 miles on it and she and I love it. Great web site!




Eric just called me. Tim's car has two failed cams. Sadly Tim is also #500. But I'm guessing if a couple of list members who also weld were to send me all their data we could be nibbling 1,000.

I'm on the way now to view the corpse.


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