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Tim Rektorik - Cam Failure #313

new 10/23/03

Hello Larry, I'm glad that there are people out there that appreciate this beautiful car that Ford Sold DEFECTED. My name is Tim Rektorik, Age 22, I live in Hamburg, NY , and I own a lovely silver SHO, with the nice chrome rims, that does nothing but take up space in my yard. The VIN # is 1FALP54N0TA244280, and it has roughly 70,000 miles on it.. I experienced major loss of power and ticking from under the hood at about 66,000, so I took it to Ford and they told me it was the sound that the FUEL INJECTORS made normally....5 months later and here I am with a $6000.00 loan and a car that won't move...Larry, I am pissed to say the least, If you COULD, please email me at trek1981@aol.com with my best course of action, It would be greatly appreciated!

 Sincerely, Tim

Details pending 

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