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Tim Dove - Cam Failure

updated 09/07/02

I just recently bought and SHO on E-bay. I trusted unknowingly about the cam issues. When the guy offloaded my car from his truck next to my drive I nearly became sick to my stomach. It sounded like I purchased a Powerstroke SHO! I was unaware of the problem with the cam sprockets and quite honestly would never have bought an SHO had I known. I've always wanted a 32 valve rocket and instead I got a nice lawn ornament. I am going to try to get the cam sprocket welded when I can save more money for the roll back wrecker ride to Georgia. I spent all my savings to purchase this supposed 46000 mile beauty. Guys why is no one listening? My next door neighbors wife works in NASCAR marketing and he is on the pit crew for a BUSH team. Do you think that the NASCAR Ford team could help us?? I'll put a little bug in their ear and let you know how it goes. My concern and disgust is that with all these documented problems no one is really willing to take the blame. Thank God that a bus load of kids hasn't been killed from a SHO during catastrophic failure!! Any updates I would gladly like to head about and I am definitely interested in helping petition for assistance from NBC, CBS, FOX or ABC to assist us all in our efforts.

Sincerely Tim Dove 
99 SHO 46,000 miles

Hi Tim VIN: 1FAFP54N5XA231625 cam shaft failure with 45700 miles and I have bugged FORD every day since I bought it 3 weeks ago. My local dealer is trying to help since my wife and I just bought a new car there 4 weeks ago. Here is an idea. I was told that is was law that a manufacturer keep parts on vehicles less that 10 years old. If that is true FOMOCO fails to do that because there are NO engines available thru FOMOCO for replacement. I found that out today while meeting with the Service Director at my local dealership. Here is a great one FORD sold the car I now own knowing that it had engine problems without disclosing it to the bidders at the NEWBERG AUTO Auction! Boy I tell you FORD Has some nerve!! Please use my info via secure access to Legal hands

Name: Tim Dove

E-mail address: MAILTDOVE@aol.com

City, Huntersville, NC

Year of your SHO: 1999

VIN: 1FAFP54N5XA231625

Mileage: 45700

Have you had a cam failure? Y

What was the date of failure? 15 AUG 02

If Yes, was it covered under standard warranty or ESP? NO;

Please provide any relevant details) If not, how did you resolve the problem? Still working with FOMOCO and local Dealer that we just bought another 2002 Taurus from.

Please provide any relevant details, If you have sold your SHO, was it because of your knowledge of this defect? Not applicable

If you traded your SHO for another vehicle, did you receive what you knew to be a fair trade in price? Not Applicable

Are you willing to speak with the attorney who is considering this case? Y

I hope this is more accurate info. I bought the car and had it delivered via car moving company. Bought it on E-bay and never heard it run until it was unloaded from the trailer in front of my house. Then I nearly became sick because I could hear from 10 feet away that there was a definite problem! I am still working with Ford to get a AWA since the car is so close to warranty expiration and especially since FOMOCO credit sold this car with engine problems at an auto auction. I will let you know how it goes week by week. Keep in mind I blew my life savings (38 Years old) to buy this lawn ornament!! I don't have the money for the Ford Repairs ($ 6300.00 estimate) that is why I am asking for help from the Dealership where I just bought a brand new 2002 Taurus with the Duratech engine. The dealership has been assisting but FOMOCO is slow to help and very slow to respond!!

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