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Tim & Angie Giddens - Cam Failure

new 10/15/01

Tim -

Just thought I would add another owner to the list that has had a cam sprocket failure.

I had noticed a ticking noise coming from under the hood of my 1996 SHO after completing a 250 mile drive. It was loud enough to hear it inside my car. I took it to the local Ford dealer for them to listen and diagnose. They didn't have any idea what it was so they put it in one of the bays to pull the cover off. They removed the oil filler cap to listen ( I wasn't back in the shop) and the noise went away. The reason the noise went away was that the cam gear failed causing the valves to hit the head killing my engine! It is amazing that this happened while at the dealership.

I have an after-market extended warranty for my car. It has 86000 miles on it (mostly highway). I am still waiting to have the dealership tear it apart for the adjuster to take a look at the failure. I was quoted and shown the cost to replace my engine at over $18,000 with tax. There is no way my warranty company is going to want to put a $18000 engine in a 1996 used car with 86000 miles on it. While I am not the best at keeping records (oil changes etc) it is obvious I take care of my cars (not everyone would put a set of the new BF Goodrich G-Force tires on an 86000 mile car).

Do you feel that the dealership will have responsibility (or part) in replacing the engine if the warranty company denies all claim. I don't see that they could do that but that is always the chance.

Any response will be appreciated. Thanks.

I have already reported it to the NHTSA. I am going to follow up with the other steps.
Here is my VIN: 1FALP54N3TA1201

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Sorry about your car, It is NOT your fault.

A car should last at least to it's first tune up.

Could you tell me your VIN?


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