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Thomas Carey - Cam Failure

new 10/30/02

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From: "Thomas Carey" <f00236051469en@comments.iatn.net>
Sent: Monday, October 28, 2002 10:00 AM
Subject: Ford-Engine: FIX 96 Ford Taurus SHO, Mechanical, Exhaust CAM

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> 1996 Ford Taurus SHO
> Engine:        3.4 L / 6 cyl
> Fuel:          Fuel Injection
> Ignition:      Distributorless
> Trans:         Automatic
> Mileage:       69,041 mi
> VIN:           1FALP54N5T
> Affected Item: Exhaust CAM
> Condition:     stripped
> _____________________ CLOSED W/SUMMARY _____________________
> First I would like to thank all those who responded. We
> have learned that this is a HUGE problem on these engines
> from the design flaw with the cam. We obtained a
> tremendious amount of information at (www.sho.com &
> V8SHO.com. We are certain now that the valves are bent on
> this engine and the other 3 cams must either be pinned or
> welded to avoid future damage. Ford has so far been
> unwilling to help financially with anyone. It seems the
> best way to repair this would be a new Jasper with the cams
> pinned, approx cost of engine only without labor 8k. Our
> customer like many others doesn't have an extra 12grand to
> throw at a '96 car. Instead I think he will take it home
> and park it untill he can try and sort it out with Ford. He
> has worked for Ford for over 20 years maybe that will help
> him. Thanks again to everybody! Tom
> _____________________ ORIGINAL MESSAGE _____________________
> We have a Taurus SHO with Cam Chain Gear stripped on the
> shaft. Has anyone every replaced one of these and have a
> procedure and the time needed to do it? We contacted our
> local Ford dealer and they told us they refuse to even work
> on them. Mitchell and Alldata offer NO INFO on whether or
> not you must remove the front cover or is it possible to
> "sneak" the cams out by unbolting the front gear? Is this
> engine a close tolerance, we may also have some bent valves
> here. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone has any
> info on this. And / Or could give us any information on
> performing this repair. THANKS ))))) T.C.
> Thomas Carey
> Owner/Technician
> Center Hts Service Inc.
> Warrensville Hts., Ohio, USA

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