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The Wizard of OZ Was A Phony

new 6/02/02, updated 8/23/02

You can see I wrote this back on 6/02/02. I was in a bad mood, but not 100% certain  that Ford was going to pooch us. I wanted to at least provide for the outside chance they could, in theory, do the right thing. I don't think it does any good any more to call or email heroes@customersupportctr.com.


If God himself called them he would be told, 

1) no one else has ever had the problem.

2) and it was his fault.

3) Ford will not help with the bill.

4) and he is not a "worthy & loyal" Fudmoco customer.


Ford wanted our advocates to provide their own new cams to destroy, they did, the cams performed as expected. Then Ford in a way only Ford could concluded a blown up engine is not necessarily a thing worth recalling.

Remember the wizard of OZ and Dorothy? "Bring me the broom of the wicked which of the West and I will grant all your wishes!" In the end Dorothy gets the "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" treatment.

I think we are getting exactly the same treatment. You know the hustle, if only we had enough folks call NHTSA, then only if we could get enough folks call Ford customer service. If only we had letters in their format from at least 5 owners, (we gave them 31). If only Customer service had enough call to establish a pattern, (they now have a huge stack). If only we were not teenagers, thanks but I haven’t been carded in three decades.

Thus sayith Dorothy to FOMOCO, "Hey do think I look I am from Kansas? You got the one broom from the one witch of the East. Now you need two damn brooms and you want us to supply brooms to one of the largest broom manufactures in the whole world? You know how hard it is to drop a house on a witch so you can have a broom? It not our broom problem, we did not make the brooms, it is YOUR broom problem. 

You made the half-fast tinker toy cams, not us! We have given them how many bad cams before they admitted the problem, now we should R&D good cam design for Ford Motor Company? Hey, forge a one-piece cam billet, drill the center on a lathe and have it precision machined so it will not barf and murder my baby. You want to solution? I like that one. Once you test that design, then make 20,000 of each cam plus spares and send a set of four along with required shims and a check for $10,000 to the owner of every V8 SHO for the expense of the cam swap or prior cost incurred. That may not be realistic but it is equally asinine as their demand for $12,000 worth of cams from us.

We need to plague "Kathy" with phone calls. If we send them $12,000 worth of cams then the sample size will be too small and they want $120,000 worth of cams, our first born and a date with our wives.

Can anyone PLEASE send to me the e-mail address for Ford customer service. I will post it here.

Sorry to rant,

Timothy Wright

If you guys, still think we can fix this before it is broke, let's call and email "KATHY" again, call it phase 2 - v8sho engine concern, may be 1000 emails & phone calls can help FOMOCO find a conscience if not a vertebra. They could just once do the right thing.

Here it is…


Go get ‘em, Buford…I am _____…big time!!!


In West (by Gawd) Virginia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We need to hammer on Kathy, in a nice way because I think she is on our side and this is not her fault.

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