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Thaddeus Shropshire - Cam Failure #516

New 3/4/05

just got on the highway
111164 mileage
I got the car up to 70 with no problem, then the service engine light came on, I heard a snap and loss power immediately. I coasted to the side of the highway called a tow truck took it to Borgman Ford. Here we go the service rep asked me what happened, and I told him the service light came on and I heard a noise I thought it was the timing chain. He asked me if I ever though of getting the cams welded, I didn't know what he meant I never heard of it and he said it with a smile he told me about v8sho.com

I have had the alternator replaced, all four brakes, front wheel cylinder, two lower ball joints, and never once did anybody say anything about the cams I paid 70 dollars for the tow ford told me they would look at the car, by the time I got home 10 minutes they called and told me to sit down $2,000 to open the engine $5,100 to fix they should of told me that while I still had the tow truck there. I found a used engine $2,100 64,000 miles found a shop to put it for $400 had the car towed there after they looked on there cpu they said that price was for a Taurus I got a SHO

The car is fixed it cost me $3,675.22 the car sit in my garage Iím to scared to drive it, I still need the cams welded..

Thaddeus Shropshire

I feel Ford should recall the cars had I known about the cams I would of had it done

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