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Tan Tenekeci - Cam Failure

updated  8/21/02

I have a 1997 Black SHO purchased 9/15/99 with ~19,000 miles. Last night (8-18-02) driving home from work I hear this loud "clicking" noise under the hood. Today I took it to the shop and half way there the car died. It's there now and I'll probably hear the bad news tomorrow. By reading this site and hearing the sound clips I'm almost certain its a cam failure. I have a pounding headache now!! Is their going to be a recall for this issue? I don't know what to do. If I had known this I wouldn't have purchased this car although I love it, but I got owned by my Ford dealer. How could they sell these cars knowing this? I don't know... I'll send more information vin#..etc if you want when I go to the service shop. Thanks for your time.

Tan Tenekeci

Dear Tan,

Assuming your odometer was never turned back, yours is the LEAST mileage on any SHO to have this failure, 19k should be like new.

To answer your question we have had zero cooperation from Ford, my best effort is to make cases like yours known and maybe embarrass Ford into doing the responsible thing.


Timothy Wright

I'm sorry the car had 63,800 miles on it when the failure happened, I bought it with 19,000 miles, sorry for the confusion.


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