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Tami Martin - Cam Failure

new 09/07/02


Hello there. My name is Tami Martin and I'm from Kentucky. I own a '96 SHO and have had major trouble with it. I've written before, but now my car has only been home since Christmas and the ESP has since expired 6/5/02 and once again, there is loud clicking under the hood. I believe it is the sprockets coming loose and I'm afraid to drive my car. Do you know of an experienced mechanic that can weld my sprockets that is within driving distance for me? I would greatly appreciate your help in this matter. My story is a long drawn out one and I'm stuck with a car I still owe quite a bit on and can't trade it in because they hear the noise. One Ford dealership said they would only give me 2500....they're crazy....my new exhaust system was over 2800 and the tires were almost 700....Iím in a bind and need some expert v8sho advice.....Iím almost ready to let them repossess it, but I hate to ruin my credit....Thanks again...


Tami Martin

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