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Summit Point Pics


Seeing as it's a slooooow day I've been looking at the pics from Summit Point.
As you can see on the one I drove so hard the mufflers were ready to give up.    Lucky it was the last lap of the session as I was black flagged.  :( 
Ironically when I saw the black flag before I knew what was wrong I wondered what was falling off the car this time.:)
Just under the 200k too.  I did find out what I was screwing up wrt the jpg compression.
Paul Nimz
'97 TR
'93 EG mtx
new pics 9/1/02

2 Red SHOs.jpg (29007 bytes)

3 Gens and a Shopaz.jpg (37813 bytes)

3 Gens at Summit.jpg (42170 bytes)

Mufflers a draggin'.jpg (43815 bytes)

Summit 4.jpg (46777 bytes)



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