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Sue Green - Cam Failure

new 9/30/02


I am behind you 100% on this. I had a 1996 SHO that had a cam failure in May of 2001. I had the car towed to Canby Ford where after inquiring, the mechanic said it was most likely a manufactures error, he couldn't think of any other reason that would cause this to happen. I sent Ford 2 certified letters regarding this situation, only to be told they did not know of any problems of this magnitude concerning this car and they could not help me. They did go on to say that they had great pride in their company and stood behind their cars all they way (yea right!)

The total bill to fix my car was roughly $5000.00. We kept the "defective" parts from my car in case they may come in handy later, if anyone decided to listen. I have called, mailed, and e-mailed Ford off and on for over a year now, to be told the same thing over and over, "We're sorry m'am, but we are unaware of any manufacturer's defect, or recalls regarding your situation, until we have documentation of such a problem in our system, we cannot help you." Well, now I know they have documentation, but they are still denying it!

Sorry to vent, but this whole situation is very frustrating. If you need more details, or info, please contact me.


Susan Green

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