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Steven Glover - Cam Failure # 153

new 12/15/02

I am writing in regard to the cam failure problem.  Add me to the list.  I just replaced my entire motor due to this defect.   I would like to give you all my information as requested in the open letter posted on the www.v8sho.com website.  Looking forward to hearing from you.  

Steven G. Glover
'96 silver, 122k

Replaced entire motor w/ used motor(113k) due to cam failure on Dec. 15, 2002    I  believe I am the second owner.  I bought the car in Jacksonville, FL in 1998.  At that time the car had 23K miles on it.  I've only had one mechanical problem w/ the car and that was the A.C. compressor/motor needed replaced.  Besides that (and the cam failure) I have had no other problems w/ my car.  I've been w/out my car for approx. 4wks., and I will be picking it up tomorrow, so I'm pretty excited to be driving it again.  By the way, I had the cam on my replacement motor welded before installation.  Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.  I will e-mail you my VIN once I get my car back.

S. Glover 

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