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Steve Grimes - Cam Failure #564

New 6/30/05

My name is Steven Grimes, and I'm writing from Bryan Oh. I too purchased a 1996 Ford Taurus SHO in March of 2005. The car only had 56,000 miles on it when purchased. At the time the car ran great. It's now June 30, 2005, and now I'm experiencing the engine problems. Just about two weeks ago, I too noticed a slight tapping noise under the hood. At that time, I knew nothing of the 3.4L SHO problem. Thinking that it might be low on oil, I checked it, and found that it wasn't low. Within this last week, my 1996 Taurus is tapping severely. It's now parked in my garage, with just a little over 60,000 miles. On June 30, 2005, I too called the customer service number at Ford. They pretty much said the same as all the other testimonials on your web site. They stated that there was no recall, and not aware of this problem. Besides the engine problem, the car is in incredible condition. I just can't drive it now.

Sir, I would appreciate any information and help you can give me in this matter. My E- Mail address is: Sgrsygrmy@aol.com. My home phone number is: (del) I work third shift at the Bryan Police Dept. in Bryan Oh. You can contact me anytime, preferably towards evening.

Thank You For Your Assistance..

Steven Grimes


Last Saturday was ANOTHER Tow-In Camweld. Car was Knocking badly, Owner decided to tow it, not drive it. Good Call.

Picture shows the chatter marks from the rear intake sprocket wandering all over the camshaft. Realign and Full Seam Weld and it's back to happy motoring.

Steve Grimes
VIN# 1FALP54N5TA269112

DATE: 7-23-05

60,865 MILES

Eric Lehmann


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