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Stealth Automotive Cam Weld Experience

new 2/16/03

Welding isnít that bad, I just had mine done this week, by Stealth Automotive in Baltimore (410)-244-9300, ran me $750.00 ... very professional looking welds, nothing crappy, but then again, welds arenít pretty but this looks very tight... This is the first SHO they have done. But the work came highly recommended...

Remember your not going to see the welds, Iíve been on v8sho.com for about three weeks and Iíve learned a lot about the SHO.. loctite will work, but eventually it may fail, (keyword MAY).... 

The cost of labor in either case is a major factor, its going to be just as expensive either way.... id suggest the more aggressive approach and have them welded...

just my opinion ....

97 SHO Black
45k mi.
Welded (guess i can add this now)

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