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Stan Phillips - Cam Failure # 435

new 9/02/04

You should send the FORD guy to look at my vehicle....stock (no mods what-so-ever) !!

I took the valve cover off of the car this last weekend to get a visual of the problem.. My neighbor (mechanic) didn't hear of the problem, and wanted to look at the sprocket. I had it all apart, and had my friend (welder) there to see what he had to weld. We had planned on doing the welding yesterday (Wed). I couldn't just park the vehicle, it's my only means of transportation. It let go Monday morning on my way to work...going about 5 mph it stalled. What are the odds that it would happen 2 days before the welding could be done.

As you can imagine, I'm a little pissed (actually a lot) right now. My neighbor did a test yesterday to see if the intake valves were bent....and yes they are. He blew compressed air into each cylinder to see if any air came out of the connection before the MAF. If the valves weren't bent, there wouldn't be any air coming out there.

Carter, What's my next step?? Who did you have do your cam (cams?) and replace the valves??


Stan Phillips
White '97 (83,000) Failed exhaust Cam !!!

Details Pending


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