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Sheena Scott - Cam Failure #330

new 1/11/2004

My name is Sheena Scott and I had previously owned a v8 SHO Taurus and the motor had blew up in it. Well the garage told me that the cam went bad on my car. The estimate to get my car fixed was $10,000 for the motor and $2,500 for the labor part. I ended up having to trade the vehicle for another car and I ended up with another SHO Taurus(1998) The Taurus that had blew up was a 1996 model. I would like to get more information from you and I would like to sign up for the law suit against Ford Motor Company. I do not have the vin# handy right now but the next time we talk I will give it to you and further information about the little life of my car. I do not have a computer I am using a friends so if you will send me the information through the mail.

 Lashmeet WV 24733 


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