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Seth Kuiper - Cam Failure #703

New 6/20/06

Seth Kuiper brought his sick 98 out to Pittsburgh so I could take a gander at it. We were hoping that it would end up being something simple. Turns out, it's not.

Seth had his cams welded. I won't mention who did them, but suffice it to say that calling these 'welds' is being beyond generous. Tim, I guess you can add this to your cam failure list - with an asterisk..

These are pictures of the front bank cams. As you can see, the primary/exhaust cam slave gear broke loose.

Dave Garber

Oh - and did I mention that there are only *two* of these booger welds on each cam?

Dave Garber

With welds that bad, maybe you should tell everyone who did them so folks know where NOT to go.

Rick Glass

What did they use? A soldier gun??

Bill T.

I had that company removed from the list two months ago, because of another just like it. The problem that is at hand is they did alot!!!!!!!

http://www.v8sho.com/SHO/FolksWhoWillWeldYourCams.htm BOTTOM OF PAGE

if you had your cams welded and your welder is not on the ****** NEW*LIST *******. Be afraid...Very afraid!

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