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Scott Weldon - Cam Failure 158

new 12/17/02

I am an owner of a 98 Taurus SHO and I am one of the many with possible cam problem.  I am having Kurt Doucette look at my car after the first of the year.  He seems to think by my description that this is the problem.  Anyway the VIN from my car is  1FAFP54NXWA260018 it is a 1998 Ford Taurus SHO color Black.  Purchased from Autotorium in Hooksett, NH.  www.autotorium.com  on September 11th 2001.  Just because of the date alone that I purchased this vehicle it is special to me.  I had a carfax report done on this car when purchased and it came back clean..  I would like to be part of this class action suit.  I have been put out so much by this car being down and out...making other arrangements for kids to go to school because I need my wife's vehicle to get to work.  I had it taken to Gladstone Ford in Londonderry and they told me the bearings were gone and that I blew the motor... they also told me I would need a new motor.  There was no mention of the cam or the repair that is possible that Kurt discussed with me.  The gentleman told me that in the 25 yrs he has been in this business he never seen a more expensive motor in any of the cars he has worked on.  He told me it would be $17,000 to get a new SHO motor, I almost fell down.  He then told me that he had a SHO motor with 99K miles on it that he could install for a mere $5500 and that came with a 2 yr warranty.  If you have any questions feel free to call.  

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