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Scott Waters - Cam Failure

I NEED AN ENGINE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Long story short. Tuesday I removed the front valve cover to see about the ticking. (sounded like the Motorclick video clips off the FAQ) I have a 1996 with 125,553 miles on it. Yup...sure enough the exhaust cam, after releasing the chain tensioner, had a very loose cam sprocket. See www.picturetrail.com/h2osho for a handful of pics showing what everyone wants to know about!

I was going to have the cams welded this week. How freakin' ironic is that?! I've been driving on the "tick" for a few months, so I felt safe and I drive like a granny. Well today while the car was idling...she DIED! Died like NO power died and wouldn't restart. Well she finally did and only on four cylinders and a series of chugs chugs chugs I managed to make it to my apartment complex lot. About 400 yards after the initial expire. Pushed it into the carport!

Car is toast! The water pump which turns off the front intake cams is froze. I called Doug Lewis today and after the explanation he said, "yup, she's toast". He will however buy the engine from me at now yet disclosed price. Obviously he wants to rebuild these as they will be "gold" very shortly.

So a word to the wise, beware of the "tick". Don't be scared, but just listen. These cars seem to give fairly decent warning for the most part before "going south" on you.

So I'm in search for an engine without the "tick". I live in Michigan and if you know of any, send me the email. These engine's seem to be running from $750-$2,500 and the book calls for 19.2 labor hours. My Ford pal said that's 19.2 x $65 an hour (my special rate?!!) equals $1,248 plus the $10 misc charge! LOL I have a guy that can do it for $40 an hour.

Guess I can install the Roush springs while we lower the subframe now! I you have any suggestions or you have something you would like to help me with....feel free. I'm always open for advice and comments.

Scott Waters

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