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Scott Thompson - Cam Failure #486

New 12/20/04


I am the no longer proud owner of a 1998 SHO. I bought the car at auction for a reasonable price. The car had 160,000 miles on the odometer. I did a tune up on the car and drove it home. My wife drove the car the next day to the dentist. On the way home she experienced catastrophic transmission failure. $2800.00 later the car was back on the road. I must mention the car is beautiful black on gray and in very good condition. I have driven the car for about 5,000 miles with flawless performance. Recently I started hearing timing train noise. I isolated the noise to the front bank or the left side of the engine with a stethoscope. It has gotten progressively worse over the last 2 weeks. I decided today to pull the valve cover and take a look. It was visible right away that the intake cam drive sprocket had slipped and was starting to walk. I then cleaned up and came inside to get on the internet to see what I could do and low and behold what I have found. I am sickened to say the least. I have been a FORD fan from birth. I have never owned anything but FORD. My father never owned anything but Ford and he is sickened over this situation as well. I will never buy another Ford. Chrysler is looking really good lately and I have heard and read great things about Volkswagen and Audi though I hate to go non American. I am very lucky I caught this before any serious damage occurred. I am going to fix this cam problem and start purging myself of Ford products. I would like to thank all of you for this site and your input.

Scott Thompson

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