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Scott Ray - Cam Failure # 292

new 8/18/03

I have just been informed that the Cam Shaft for my 1999 Ford Taurus SHO is defective. Due to the $2600 - $2800 repair estimate the dealership suggested I call Ford Customer Service and register a complaint which I did. My dealership faxed my service and maintenance records (all up-to-date) to Ford Motor Co. My dealership was then contacted by the Regional Ford Representative and a 50/50 repair payment option was offered (and taken because I need my vehicle back). I called Ford Customer Service and filed an official complaint. I am completely dissatisfied because Ford Motor Co. acknowledges a cam shaft defect in the SHO engine, yet requires me (the consumer) to pay (approximately $1400) for their faultily product. Please send me any information you may have on the lawsuit or any other contacts. 


Scott Ray

details pending - Buford

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