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Scott Matthew Learned - Cam Failure #216

new 2/13/03

I recently spoke with Larry and he advised me to get the following information to you so that I can be included on the Class Action Suit against Ford. I wrote it in Word so you can detach and print it.

If you need any more information than what I have provided please contact me and I will provide everything you need. I have had nothing but bad experiences with Ford and would like to see that they finally do the right thing.

Scott Learned

Cam Failure
Scott Learned

VIN 1FALP54N0VA158325
Date of Malfunction     02/10/03
Malfunction Location     Highway
Odometer Reading     76,260
Speed     55 MPH
What?     Accelerating up a hill
Date of Purchase     8/00 Used
Odometer at Purchase     45,000

Scott Matthew Learned

I filled up with gas on Saturday evening; on Sunday morning I traveled to Duluth Minnesota for work (150 miles) first thing Sunday morning I noticed a very slight knocking from my engine. At that point I thought it was bad gas from the previous night. Throughout the day the knocking got slightly louder, when I put the engine under load from stepping on the gas the knocking would go away, Monday afternoon I left Duluth to go home and while accelerating up a hill leaving the city the car lost all acceleration. It was impossible to maintain a steady speed, I was traveling at 40 mph and decelerating but my RPM’s were around 4500 and the Check Engine light was flashing. 

When I got to the next exit I stopped at the top and my car died, I was able to get it restarted and running for about 10 seconds which allowed me to get off the exit ramp and into a parking lot. While stopped I noticed the slight smell of exhaust. The car did not run from there.

Dealership :
North Star Ford
1420 Miller Trunk Hwy
Duluth, MN 55811

Caused determined by dealer 
Cam Shaft gear broke which caused the valve to stay open and rammed the piston into the valve, subsequently two pistons broke.

Statement Estimate of $8,000 for used SHO engine, parts and labor

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