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Scott Doughtie - 4 Cam Failures 

new 8/19/02

I remembered that I had not sent you an update on my wife's SHO. The car started making the ticking around 89,000 miles in June. The car had been making the noise for about two weeks when wife told me of it. My father, my mechanic, further probed the engine and made the failure call after talking with Bob @ FPS at a track day. Had the car hauled down to FPS to have it looked welded. According to Bob, it was the worst they had seen next to a complete engine failure. 3 of the 4 sprockets had separated and the 4th was only a crank or two away for failure as well. All is well now. The $450 for the welds was the best money I have spent besides the cheesy aftermarket extended warranty I bought that covered the second transmission failure the car had back in March.

Scott Doughtie
1998 Taurus SHO
91,645 miles

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