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Scott Crager - Cam Failure #289

new 8/11/03, updated 8/26/03

My name is Scott Crager I live in Indianapolis Indiana I own a 1996 SHO I bought a year ago. Two weeks ago I noticed a tapping noise coming from the engine. I looked up things about my car and came across your web site and found about the Cam Failures. Being from Indiana I contacted Brad Swinford from Swinford Engineering he said it's cam failure and he won't touch it... So I guess I'm a victim of Cam Failure. I need to find a place that will work on my car in central Indiana everybody I call said no they wont touch it either.

 Please help me,

 Scott Crager

My name is Scott Crager I am cam failure #289 here is my info
Where- Didn't notice where just started to knock or tap
Date of Purchase-07/20/02
est. odometer at purchase-96,000
Full Name-Scott Crager 
Description- just started tapping like a real bad lifter notice
Customer Service # - Didn't call didn't have a warranty on it

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