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Sara Zoller - Cam Failure # 165

new 12/30/02


I am the owner of a 97' SHO.

Late last year I was experiencing problems w/my engine --- a constant ticking noise. I took my SHO to my Ford Dealership and had all my fluids changed and hoses checked for preventative maintenance and explained the ticking I was hearing. I was dismissed by the Ford Mechanics and they claimed nothing was wrong w/ my SHO.  I left, only to return a few days later, complaining once again of a loud ticking noise.  Again, I was dismissed, assured by the mechanics, that nothing was wrong with my SHO.

Wrong!  While driving home one evening, the ticking increased, my check engine light came on, and my car lost most of its power and only ran at about 30mph. It sounded as if my car was going to blow up!

I stopped driving and called for a two truck to take it to a second mechanic - the Ford Dealership had obviously missed something.  My new mechanic started the SHO, and didn't even get the car off his lot when my car blew a rod.

I was then looking at full engine replacement-----keeping in mind my Ford Mechanics assured me the ticking was normal and there was nothing wrong w/my car.

Now, $5,500 later - I am still driving my SHO w/a replaced engine!!

Hope this can help!!!!

Sara Zoller
1997 SHO VIN #1FALP54N1VA275671

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