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SHO Shop Cam Pinning Experience



In Southern California we are fortunate to have the SHO Shop in Huntington Beach. I elected to have my camshafts pinned, using the SHO Shop "roll pin solution" and want to report on my experience. Edit as you see fit.

The mechanics at the SHO Shop removed all four camshafts, sent them to a machinist for drilling and pinning, and then reinstalled them. The entire service took two weeks. When I picked up the car, it had been recently washed.

The cost is $1700 for labor plus $499 for machine work. The expense of a trip to Georgia from Southern California, with fuel, lodging, meals, the obligatory decadence in Las Vegas and New Orleans, plus cam welding was at least $2000 (provided I didn't get arrested along the way). The worry that the cams shafts would go Tango Uno somewhere in the wastelands of Texas was too nerve wracking for further consideration. $2200 of my favorite dollars later, I drive camshaft-worry-free. I rationalized the expense by tacking the $2200 onto the cost of the car and asked myself would I still have paid that price? My answer is yes and I sleep like a baby.

John White
97 SHO, 65K

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