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SHO Owners Have Class

new 2/8/03

I am the proud owner of a 1998 SHO. I bought the car brand new five years ago and have always taken care of it as well as a little frolicking now and then. I have always referred to V8SHO.com for information on my pride and joy. I have one regret, not getting involved with the SHO people sooner. I would like to share an example of the type of people SHO owners are. I was diagnosed with a terminal illness in September 2002. I have been following the cam issue from day one via V8SHO.com. As the numbers increased each month I became more alarmed. Unfortunately the closest place I could get my cams welded was 900 miles one way. I thought about trading my SHO in but I couldn't part with it. Then a glimmer of hope the 1st Camfest in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I quickly put my name on the list. Unfortunately due to my illness I would require someone to drive me and stay with me overnight. I couldn't get anyone and the deadline for deposits holding my spot quickly approached. I Emailed Holly Bailey and told her my situation and I reluctantly withdrew. I was sad that my wife might be burdened with a cam failure after I'm gone. Next morning Holley Emails me and said there's a possibility a SHO owner who lives near me might be able to drive my car to Tulsa. I was excited and touched by Hollys effort in helping me. Today I just got of the phone with Carter Fujibayashi a proud SHO owner and he will gladly drive my vehicle to Tulsa and get the cams welded. Carter acted as if he knew me for years and didn't hesitate in saying "yes I will help you." If this is an example of SHO enthusiasts camaraderie I'm sorry I didn't join sooner! To Holly And Carter "Thank you so much."

James Aldrich
98 Black 


For many of us V8SHO is family, has been for years. This is how family acts on good days. On other days we quibble like any other family ;-) They do me proud on a regular basis. Somehow, especially when the chips are down, we always seem to pull through for each other. Among a pack of nice guys Carter is among the best.

I do have one regret. 100% of the folks coming home from a cam weld report it is the best drive of their life. They just take it easy and enjoy the road, no longer have to worry about sudden cam failure. I trust Carter having been through that at least once before can bottle the feeling for you.

This is a very personal story, but a uplifting one. Can I share it with the other owners on V8SHO? I will understand if you have to say no.

Blessings on blessings



By all means feel free to share my story with your fellow V8 SHO owners. I want all to know the type of people SHO owners are.

James Aldrich
Proud 98 SHO owner 

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