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Ryan Valli - Cam Failure #276

new 6/30/03

99 SHO ...Cams just went @ 63,000

details pending,  - this news just after the letter "where can I get my cams welded in my area" - Buford

99 Taurus SHO ....Cams just went @ 64,114 and am not very happy. If you go to a Ford dealer and they check into it and say they received a code explaining a problem with the cams, DON'T authorize them to check into it for the $500.00+ just to diagnose. Tell them to wait... while you check out cam welding options, that you can access through this website. There is a service place here that has done over 82 of them in the past 2 years with no unsatisfied customers to date.

As always, check the mom and pop shops before you ever give a dealership your business.

Ryan Valli

Hell, $500 is a bargain, most dealership charge $1,300 to fubar a SHO engine. And most dealerships now refuse to work on our cars, which I attribute to legal department  inspired cowardliness, not vestigial traces of a long lost conscience. - Buford

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