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Royce Bashaw Cam Failure #769

New 1/10/07

We no longer own the Maroon 96 SHO. It developed the ever popular camshaft malfunction, and The "Ryburn Ford Motor Company " in Monticello. AR quoted me a price of $15,000.00 to repair it after they tore the engine apart. (This was after I told them exactly what the problem was likely to be) They gave me an initial estimate of ~$300.00. A week later the estimate was up to $15,000.00. They charged me $1,300.00 to tear the car apart and throw the oily engine parts in the trunk and back seat. Yes, they put them directly onto the leather upholstery. Ford Motor Company refused to help in any way. I junked the car. I will NEVER BUY OR OWN A FORD PRODUCT FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!!!!! That is a PROMISE! Please post this somewhere on your website. I would suggest getting rid of your pieces of junk while they are still running. Although that would be a disservice to an unsuspecting buyer - LIKE ME!

Royce Bashaw

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