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Ronald Shabaiash - Cam Failure # 243

new 4/09/03

Hi, I would like to be added to your website. I have the following:

1996 Ford Taurus SHO Silver
191,000 miles + 450 per day... MY daily driver :>

Name: Ronald Shabaiash
E-Mail: llmedic01@yahoo.com

PS: I am developing a tick in the engine on the right side. Could this need a weld job or is it just getting old? If needed, where can it be done near me (or far from me)? Thank you and have a great day..... r


R. Shabaiash
Leech Lake Emergency Medical Services

Ordinary I would not count this as a cam failure with out looking or listening under the hood but 191K & should I get my cams welded?

Yep, that is plenty lucky enough. - Buford

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