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Ron Kennaley - Cam Failure #498

New 1/09/05

Hi Larry, my name is Ron Kennaley & my wife Janice & I own a 1999 Taurus SHO that we recently spent $2800.00 repairing because the gear on the slave cam slipped, we replaced that cam shaft as well as all of the valves that were bent when the pistons hit them. I believe that we were lucky. Although we bent valves, they stopped in such a way that the pistons were scored but seriously damaged a did not need to be replaced. As with other SHO owners I thought that we had time and didn't act in time. Both cams are now drilled & pinned. We would very much like to participate in your legal action against Ford. We look forward to this challenge.


Ron & Janice Kennaley

Details pending


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