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Robert Nadal - Cam Failure #840

Date 8/19/07

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From: Robert Nadal <rob_nad@msn.com>
To: Larry@v8sho.com
Sent: Sun, 19 Aug 2007 8:43 am
Subject: cam failure

Good Morning,

Unfortunately, I'm writing to throw my hat into the growing camshaft failure list. I have/had a 96 SHO that I purchased used with 50K. The car performed flawlessly and was a joy to drive for 100K and 6 years. I had all the recommended services performed at my local Ford dealer and in the summer months changed the oil on schedule and flushed the tranny fluid. Whatever the car needed it was given! About six months ago a small rattle sound cam from the engine bay. I would have never heard it except that lately I would turn off the radio to enjoy the exhaust note when driving. When I bought it in for service I was told by the dealer that it was an internal engine problem that would be VERY expensive to diagnose. In addition I was told that many internal engine components for this model where no longer available. The cams actually never failed, however the engine sounded as if it was about to blow apart at idle, and the dealer was very reluctant to work on it any longer. They never actually said it was terminal but gave me the impression that this was not something I should work on. So, my 96 SHO with 147,963 miles is on the way to the scrap yard. I don’t believe that the dealer is incompetent, but I do believe that they where trying to get me to avoid fixing this because of something that they did not want to make me aware of. Funny thing was that I asked them about camshaft failure on this model and they said that they have NEVER heard of such a thing. I'm not upset with Ford, I think the car lasted a reasonable amount of time, however if they where a little more forthcoming it could have lasted a lot longer. Next new car....a Pontiac.

Thanks for an informative web site

Robert Nadal

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