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Robert Farthing - SHO Defender

new 5/21/02

My name is Robert Farthing, I own a 1996 Ford Taurus SHO with 64,331 miles on it. On Saturday May 11, 2002 while driving at a constant speed of 45mph, my SHO cut off while I was driving, a few seconds later I lost Power steering, and power brakes. Early morning that Saturday, my wife heard a ticking noise coming from the engine (sounded like it was low on oil) my wife said it sounded like a Ford Powerstroke Diesel. The oil was fine, but just to be safe, I had the oil changed that day. After the break down, I had the SHO towed to Beach Ford 2717 Virginia Beach Boulevard Virginia Beach, VA 23452 (757) 486-2717 and had the service manager Tom Best check it in.

Mr. Best tried to start the SHO and it finally started, and after a few revs of the engine, he shut it off and said that it sounded like the car had a cold, and that it was probably just the fuel filter or at the worst the fuel pump. Three days later I received a call from Tom Best at Beach Ford and told me that the #2 bank intake gear slipped on the camshaft, and bent 8 intake valves, and that the repairs would be Approx. $6,400.00.

So as of today May, 20, 2002 my SHO is still sitting at the Ford Service center due to not being able to afford the repairs, and I am afraid that my credit will suffer for this problem. I am looking for Ford to assist me with this problem. I called 1(800) 392-FORD and spoke to a rep named Laurie Anne, and she was very nice until she informed me that there was no recall on the cam for the SHO, and told me that there will be no assistance offered to me, and that she was very sorry. My father had been a line supervisor for 22 years at the Norfolk Ford plant. I have grown up around and in Ford products, and have owned several Fords myself.

My VIN # is 1FALP54NXTA277464. My home phone # .... Thank you very much for your time.

Robert Farthing



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