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Robert Boake - Cam Failure #248

new 4/26/03

For those that had engine failure: Answer all the questions the best you can.
1. Sept 2002 Red 96
2 . 1falp54nita24333767
3. 31st & Yale. Tulsa OK
4. 78,000
5. 15mph
6. decelerating 
7. used, June 23,1998
8. 24,500
9. Robert Boake .
10. As I was climbing a hill after driving 1 mile I thought the engine was a little noisy. no other warnings. Engine died at a stoplight 1 mile away.
11. Ford customer service. called several times. No action. They said that they would note my complaint and pass it along to the technical dept. I should not expect any response. 
12. Claimed unaware of the problem. 
13. Ford of Tulsa. 35th & Sheridan 
14. Engine damage due to piston/valve contact. Caused by free spinning gear on cam. 
15. Same. 
16.300.00 for diag
17. Act in a responsible manner.

Above info was previously submitted but I think it got lost in the AOL vortex. Ford just wants me to go away. Got an estimate for 13K plus install. The mechanic said that this is the third one he has seen. The first 2 were repaired under warranty. He told me that no assemblies had been available and he had to order and built heads valve by valve and bolt by bolt. Pistons have marks on them from contact and valves are bent. Ford of Tulsa says can never repair but Reynolds ford in OKC says that they repair almost all. Will most likely junk it. A shame really. Thanks for running this site. 

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