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Reid Hensley - Cam Failure

new 10/13/02, update 2/2/03


I purchased my 97 SHO in May of 1999 from Lakeshore Ford in Chesterton In. The car had two previous owners both of which were friends of mine. The car had 87,000 miles on it when my wife who drives the vehicle daily told me that the engine was making a ticking sound for about three or four days. I immediately checked the oil, which was ok, then i had the oil changed. She continued driving the car and i began talking to mechanics and one of the previous owners who told me it sounds like a cam problem and I should go to V8SHO.com. At this point it had been about two weeks of driving with this noise going on when I decided it should not be driven anymore. Knowing at this point I was going to have cam failure I began searching for someone to make the repair. I found a shop in Lynwood IL. by the name of Stoney Island Garage owned by Bill Wilson. I decided to drive the car aprox. 3 miles to the shop on a Monday three weeks ago. The car sat for three days until Bill had time to look at it, when he went to try and start the car is when the failure occurred.

Bill is going to take it apart and see how much damage was done, since the failure occurred during start up He seems to think damage might not be that extensive. Any help in making a sound decision to repair this vehicle is greatly appreciated.

Bill is an extremely qualified mechanic but has never worked on a SHO cam problem before. Any help with procedure would be helpful


Reid Hensley
Lansing, IL.

My name is Reid Hensley, I am the owner of a ebony 97. I would like to be added to the owners directory. I live in Lansing, Il.

I would also like to say thanks to all who contribute to this website. If not for this website I would not have been able to put my SHO back in running condition so affordable. I was able to get a salvaged motor from All Fitzgerald, with 29,000 miles and have it installed By Stoney Island Garage in Lynwood, Il. 708-758-2223. The total cost to me was $3,800.00 including cam welds, which seems to be relatively cheap compared to the nightmare stories I read on the website. Bill Wilson at Stoney Island Garage I highly recommend. Thanks Again!!!!!! 


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